General Lecture: Introduction of Research in NAIST Bioscience and The New Collaboration Centers in NAIST by Prof. Yasumasa Bessho, Ph.D.

Biotechnology Study Program held a public lecture with speakers from NARA Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) on September 1st, 2023 at 3rd floor, PAU Building UGM. Starting the public lecture meeting this time, Prof. Hisaji Maki as public relations explained the profile of NAIST to the students who attended the lecture.  NAIST is a national university of Japan located in Kansai Science City, the border region between Nara, Osaka, and Kyoto. Founded in 1991, NAIST consists of schools in three integrated fields: information science, biological science, and materials science. In 2018, NAIST underwent an organizational transformation to continue research in these areas while promoting interdisciplinary research and education in traditional fields. With this new, one-of-a-kind school organization, NAIST strives forward with the goal of conducting cutting-edge research in cutting-edge fields and training students to become future leaders in science and technology. read more