Initiating and Strengthening Academic and Research Collaboration, The Team of Study Program of Doctoral and Master in Biotechnology Conducted a Series of Visits to the United Kingdom

The Head of the Study Program of Doctoral in Biotechnology, Graduate School UGM, Dr. Tri Rini Nuringtyas (Mrs. Nuning) and the Head of the Study Program of Master in Biotechnology, Dr. Dini Wahyu Kartika Sari (Mrs. Dini) went on an official trip to the UK in March 2024 to fulfill an invitation from the University of Dundee (UoD). This invitation is intended to strengthen academic and research collaboration between UGM and UoD, as well as following up on the signing of the UGM-UoD MoU regarding the Double Degree PS Masters Program in Biotechnology with the UoD School of Life Sciences (SLS). A series of agendas were carried out during the week-long visit to UoD, including discussions with several leaders of the Master of Science (MSc) and Master by Research (MBR) Study Programs, as well as the Dean of SLS. The agenda for this meeting was to discuss the technical implementation of the double degree program as well as opportunities for UGM alumni to continue their education at the Doctoral level at SLS UoD with the LPDP scholarship scheme. SLS UoD, which is currently a leading institution in the field of life sciences in the UK, is open to accepting students from the UGM Biotechnology Study Program to undertake internships, establish research collaborations, joint supervision, and guest lectures. read more